About Perth Business Network

Who we are

The Perth Business Network (PBN) is an active and engaged group of business leaders and industry professionals who meet regularly for the following purposes:

  • Build meaningful and powerful connections with like-minded business professionals.
  • Explore and develop genuine opportunities for collaboration.
  • Promote excellence and best practice in business.
  • Be advocates for innovation and entrepreneurship.

PBN provides a professionally delivered annual program of events that builds awareness and discussion of current business issues and provide networking opportunities with like-minded business people.

Members are regularly contacted with updates on all events, including Business Breakfasts, Luncheons, Seminars and Networking Nights. Get involved in the PBN to build your business and develop relationships with members from a wide variety of business backgrounds.

Our Mission

To create and promote meaningful connections within the Perth Business Community

Our Commitment

We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact on the Perth Business Community. We will facilitate B2B introductions and create networking events of the highest quality and professionalism. Creating real value and return on investment for members and sponsors is our number one priority

Our Values

We will be open and genuine in our interaction with stakeholders


We will hold ourselves to the highest level of sincerity and honesty.


We will act with clarity and openness.


We will embrace quality and best practice in everything we do.


We will continually strive to be better each day

Get to know the PBN Team

Duc Pham | Managing Director
Mei Wan Yong | Project Manager
Taylor Eynon | Marketing & Events Co-Ordinator
Nastasha Lalla | Head of Member Relations

Meet Duc Pham who is PBN's Managing Director.

I’ve had a very expansive career in the financial services industry including: banking, finance, superannuation and investment. Over the last 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have formed professional and social networks which will last a lifetime.

I have always been passionate about connecting right people, so when the opportunity came up to create a business which allowed me to pursue my passion, I grabbed it with both hands. Moreover, I have met the most remarkable business owners since the inception of PBN, they inspire me to continue building the incredible community of like-minded business leaders.

Perth Business Network is a community of the most professional, progressive and engaging business owners. We meet regularly for the purpose of building sustainable relationships which ultimately leads to the organic flow of business. Together we strive for a more progressive Perth Business Community by advocating for change, progress, innovation and challenging the status quo.

Meet Mei Wan (may-one) who is PBN's Project Manager.

A wanderlust traveller, Mei Wan has ventured around the globe to over 30 countries and is fascinated by cross-cultural sharing. As much as she loves technology, she firmly believes that nothing can beat the powerful impact of human interaction.

Mei Wan’s background is in Business Strategy and she has recently found a passion for collaborating on causes that have a positive social impact on society.

What do you do at PBN?
I assist with producing creative projects and innovative strategies to make sure PBN is on the forefront of the Perth business scene.

Why did you decide to join PBN?
It was a no brainer when Duc asked me to come on board. His professionalism, genuine character and commitment to his members is inspiring. Duc is a passionate changemaker, making a difference to the Perth community and being part of PBN’s mission is an absolute pleasure.

One thing not many people know about me?
I love Latin dancing. There is something about the upbeat music that makes me want to move!

Meet Taylor Eynon who is PBN's Marketing & Events Co-Ordinator

What do you do at PBN?
My role as PBN marketing and events co-ordinator is to ensure that our commitment to innovating the Perth business industry is reflected in all aspects of our network, from our dynamic events to the public sphere. My priorities are to keep our members informed and create memorable events to set an engaging atmosphere for building meaningful connections. 

Why did you decide to join PBN?
I perceive the value that PBN’s progressive business model provides to the Perth business industry. My background in marketing has enabled me to recognise the importance of fostering long-term professional relationships in order to facilitate business growth. This relationship-focus is the foundation of PBN which inspired me to become part of the team.

One thing not many people know about me?
One thing not many people may know about me is that I’m part Maori (Indigenous to New Zealand). 

Meet Monica Smith who is PBN's Head of Member Relations.

She is PBN’s Head of Member Relations. Let’s get to know her better.

“I love travelling. I have lived and worked in Sydney, London and New York before returning to Perth where my husband, daughters Mila, Sienna and I call home. My background is in Relationship Management in Corporate Banking where I enjoyed working and building great relationships with so many people.“

What do you do at PBN?
As Head of Member Relations, I am responsible for making sure that members and sponsors needs are met in a timely and effective manner.

Why did you decide to join PBN?
Having worked with Duc Pham, Managing Director, previously, I was inspired by his vision for PBN. For a business to succeed better than the next, it must make, manage and foster connections – whether its with existing or new customers, staff and suppliers – and I know that PBN can make a difference!

One thing not many people know about me?
Not many may know that I am a big advocate of the Zero Waste / Buy Nothing movement. It’s about small things that we can each do to reduce our environmental footprint whilst providing a sense of community.

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